What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Love?


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  • What does it mean if you call someone 'Love'?
Calling somebody 'Love' is an affectionate term or nickname and is similar to using the terms 'darling', 'hun', 'babe', 'chick', 'sweetie', 'hunny', 'lovely' etc. It is a way of saying you are fond of a person but can also be a term that people use for virtually anyone.

People often use nicknames such as these if they do not know a person's name and it definitely does not mean that a person is 'in love' with another person if they call them 'Love'.

It is usually females who will be referred to by the names above and it would be seen as very un-masculine for a male to be called 'Love' by another man. Popular generic nicknames for men to apply to other men include, 'mate', 'bud', 'lad' or 'kid'.
  • Why use nicknames?

The word 'nickname' literally means 'additional name' as it is an extra name you may be referred to other than the name you were given at birth. Some people have nicknames that refer to them and them only but other nicknames are given to many people.

Nicknames are often created by shortening a person's name. A man named David for example will often be referred to as 'Dave' or a woman named 'Nicola' may have the nickname of 'Nic' or 'Nicky'. This is purely a way to simplify a person's name and make it easier to say.

  • Pet names

Pet names are similar to nicknames, in that it is an additional name given to a person, but a pet name will usually only be used by one specific person. Mothers often give their children pet names or best friends may refer to each other by pet names.

It is also common for couples to have romantic pet names for each other and it has been proven that married couples who use pet names are less likely to get divorced that couples who do not have affectionate pet names.
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That usually means he has feeling for you and if he isn't already your boyfriend he probably has a crush on you.
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Maybe because they want to make you feel special and know that they are there for you and that they care for you as-well. My boyfriend said once "What's wrong love"? 

HE CARES FOR YOU ALWAYS KNOW THAT.  Usually you will find your family not only your bf or this boy who likes you saying love to you

Thanks everybody for reading this answer plz like thanx. Xx

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It could mean a number of things as many people may interpret its meaning differently, ask him and you will find out.

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