What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You 'Babe'?


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Tracy Koroma answered
That really depends on the guy! It probably means he likes you, but not necessarily as more than a friend.

I don’t particularly like the term myself - it just seems a bit careless and offhand to me! It reminds me of Babe, that movie about the sheep-herding pig, too. No girl wants to feel associated with that!
Does He Call Everyone “Babe”?
Some men call all women “babe” - my brother, unfortunately, is one of them.

If the man who called you “babe” is one of those guys, then I wouldn’t take it too seriously - he probably means nothing by it, and would be surprised if he knew you were reading so much into it!

What If He Only Calls Me “Babe”?
If “babe” isn’t a word that this guy uses regularly, then who knows - maybe he really does have feelings for you. Some men will only use “babe” to girls they’re flirting with, or to their girlfriends.

You know what this guy is like, whereas I’ve never met him - you’re definitely going to be the best person to assess what sort of person he is!

So, What Should I Do?
Unless this guy shows any more signs of having a crush on you, I wouldn’t read too much into him calling you “babe”. You don’t want to get your hopes up - only to find out that he meant nothing by it.

Generally, women read much more into things than men do, so although it might seem significant to you, for him it might just be a favorite term of endearment!

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