Sometimes My Boyfriend Calls Me Baby, What Does That Mean To A Guy?


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It is a term of endearment, but you know that. If what you are really asking is ‘does this guy like me more than anybody else and am I his whole world?’, then surely you have some idea of that answer because of the way he treats you. It may be a name that he has only ever used for you, or it could be the word he trots out for every girlfriend that he has ever had.

That may sound harsh, but the question really sounds as if you don’t have a lot of self esteem, so maybe you should work on that a little, because while it is important to you to know whether he really likes you, you should have enough self confidence to be less insecure.

Even though it is a term of endearment, there are some women who object to being called baby because is indicative of how society perceives them. A baby is someone who needs caring for and is incapable of making any decisions of their own, and so by equating a woman with a baby the same assumptions are being made.

This idea is outlined in the hugely popular film Dirty Dancing which has one of the two main characters actually called Baby. She has never questioned this name, and is actually introduced to strangers with it. When she tries to get close to the dance members in the film, they are suspicious and use the name Baby to ridicule her. It is only when she has gained some respect that her lover actually asks her what her real name is, implying that she can now be taken seriously. This is reinforced at the end of the film when he explains to his audience what she has done for him and introduces her by her name, rather than the childish nickname, thus giving her some status.
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I don't know about you, but it makes me feel sexy, when he calls me baby. It means that he really likes you, he wants to make you feel special or maybe to show a sense of possession (not that it really is), just to show his friends that you are his.
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=) It's quite obvious this guy has been thinking about you long enough to give you a nickname. That is sweet and very cute. Okay think about a actual baby. =) Silly right? Well not really. A baby is a person or infant who ever, whom ever who is cared after. By calling you a baby he is saying "I care for you." "I will be there for you" "I will always have your back" these are all the things he are REALLY saying behind the four letter nickname. Or you can just ask ""Honey, why do you call me baby?" xP Well I hope I helped and good luck with you guy's relationship.
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Its means your the one he cares for your his girl and that's just an affection term like your not actually a baby but your as precious as one to him and he like takes care of you and stuff.
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Try to call him baby too..^^he's just playing around
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I'm a teenager.What does it mean for your boyfreind to tell you he would like for you to move in with him at his house at this time of life?
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He cares 4 you n sum way...could b his way if sayin he wants you or mayb he loves you like a lil sis...I'm thinkin it's his way if tryin say he wants you....ask him
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Well he could think you're hot, or else he just thinks it's normal for lads to call gals 'baby', like some gals call dudes 'sweetheart' all the time....

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