What Should I Do Between My Boyfriend And Best Guy Friend?


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When you're friends with somebody its very natural to think you have romantic feelings for them.whereas mostly there's no truth to this.your friend understands you so much that at the end of the day you're left feeling that there's more to it than friendship.id say go for your guy and not your friend as going for your friend you'd not only be jeoprdizng your friendhip with your friend but you'll also lose your boyfriend who may be the one for you...
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Your best guy friend may seem like a great option because you have known each other forever, and already know just about everything about each other. But you have to evaluate if you think that you two could really work out romantically. Has he told you that he is interested in trying a relationship? It is really something to think about.
How do you feel about your current boyfriend? Do you see yourself being with him the rest of your life?
What you might want to do is make a list of pros and cons of being with each guy. Seeing your feelings written on paper might make the choice a little clearer.
Either way you decide, just be gentle with the guys feelings. If you leave your boyfriend and jump into a relationship with your best friend, your boyfriend is going to feel totally betrayed and probably assume that you have been cheating on him all along with your best friend. If you decide to try it out with your best friend, take it slowly. Don't jump right into it. Don't immediately start having sexual contact. Try going out on a date first. It would be the first time you have the intentions in the back of your head for a relationship. It might feel weird. So just take it slow, and see how it feels to be more than best friends before you go for it.
Good luck with everything.
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I'm guessing your fairly young lovergirl1, maybe 17 right? This is a difficult decision and you can look at it in a couple ways. If you break it off with your boyfriend, and date your best friend, there my not be any going back. Another thing about dating your best friend, and this is for anyone reading this. 99% of the time when you have a friend for years and then become romantically involved, if things don't work out, that usually means not only the end of your relationship with your friend, but the end of the friendship also. Very rarely does a friendship survive in this situation. You have a tough decision to make sweetie.
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Im 20, young but not too young. My guy friend and I were going to try things out before my boyfriend and I got together, and discusse everything that we happen and agreed that we couldnt let our friendship to go down the drain.
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I'm 20, young but not too young. Prior to my boyfriend and I my friend and I were going to go out, we both know we don't want the friendship to end if the relationship doesn't work out. And my friend and I both get jealous when either of us has a significant other.

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