Guys, What Color Nailpolish Do You Think Looks Best On A Girl, If You Had To Choose?


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BEN GREGO answered
I feel that only lighter shades of nail polish should be worn  - whatever the age of the lady!! Dark nail colors shorten the hand and make it look 'tough'...and remember, pastels will make the fingers look a little longer, which is usually a good thing.....if you don't like pastels, then you could always try the 'medium' shades of a color; as in light/medium/ NO DARK COLORS on those nails! Or, as Marilyn Monroe said when asked why she never wore nail color, "I like to be blonde all over"...!!!
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My fiance thinks it is ridiculous and a waste of money, if you ask me a simple french tip looks nice... I think colors are tacky.
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Nothing tacky about colors as long as your nails are neat and trimmed to a decent length~
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Anything that matches their eyes...thats what my boyfriend likes.
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About 1970, I went with a girl who would spend much of her day tattooing her nails or painting little flowers on them. I always thought it was amazing how dedicated and precise she was in her endeavours for the perfect nails. I met her last week for the first time in 30 years and she has opened a beauty parlour.   her daughter was with her and I couldn't help but look to see what her nails were like. Every one of them was a different colour. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)
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Seriously. Guys don't like nail polish unless its neat and suits the girl's skin colour.

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