Why do guys choose an ugly girl over a pretty one?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ! A smart guy looks for a great personality long before looks. Ugly is a meaningless word. Pure beauty lies in the heart and personality!

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Awesome Autumn answered

First off, this is a very rude question because their is no such thing as an UGLY girl. And second off, it isn't just about looks. It's about what's undeneath, how she is as a person. A great personality. How does she treat people? Every one is beautiful.

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Paige Coleman answered
It can often be a case of what's underneath that matters.
Either that or they really ARE too scared to aska pretty girl out, lolz ^_^
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No such thing as an ugly girl=)
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Woof Woofy answered

I'm asexual and not interested in dating and relationships. Its quite hard for me to answer this..

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I didn't know ugly really even exist. Well ugly has no place in my world. Plus, each girl has itself beauty & unique look & each & every lady on this earth is respectful for that. Although, real beauty comes from heart & soul not appearance.

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Andrew Irvine answered

What the hell, who would go out with an ugly girl, unless they are desperate or they might think they are attractive but you don't. People have different tastes. Also its the personality i think the personality they choose for rather than the looks

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Because looks don't always matter, maybe that girl who might be ugly has an amazing personality and he fel in love with it.
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I have the same problem! I'm pretty (I think. Please don't judge me. I'm being as humble as I possibly can in this context.) I'm also smart, and pretty funny. I don't think it's the personality because I have a not so attractive friend who has a nice personality ( again, being as humble as I can) but I do as well. People always assume pretty girls have boring personalities if guys don't like them. There are TONS of other reasons. I know it doesn't seem fair. 

Looks seem (seem. Not saying they are) to be all that matter to people lately, yet somehow, my friend is getting all the attention. I'm pretty sure it's confidence. At least in my case. When I see my friend getting all this attention I feel down in the dumps. That causes me to question whether or not something is wrong with me. It harms my self esteem and I become less confident. Now guys choose her even more. It makes me even less confident. A never ending cycle. 

Just try being overly confident one day. Play a badass song in the morning when you're getting ready. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how hot you are. This change in attitude might get guys attention. Then you're pretty and confident. The most attractive things a girl can be.

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Because they are too afraid to ask the pretty girls out so they go after the ugly girls and they are also afraid that the pretty girls will say no so the go after the ugly ones. And maybe they like that ugly girls personality

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