How Does An Unpopular Guy Win Over A Really Popular Girl?


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Okay so I'm a girl and I know what we look for.... Looks, confidences, someone out going but thoughtful and personal too, just go up to her and start talking to her! It doesnt matter what it is about as long as the convo is flowinng no awkward pauses or blank stares CONFIDENCE! Be a little bossy too be the boss WITHOUT BEING A JERK!!!! Get interested in what she is interested in not interested in HER be the person she can talk with after she has  had a bad break up then when there is a good convo going and you've just made her laugh go up and pop the question and just causally ask if she would like to do something be specific don't just say "are you busy" be like so I was going(SOMETHING INTERESTING AND TOTALLY FUNN ) to go rock climbing and your coming, with a smile and playful laugh then say so what do you think..... If you get the date be funny the whole time say things like oh this sooo going on you tub ewhen she messes up but is Silly,*never crack a joke when it is a serious thing unless you are trying to make her fell better about something
don't be corney no movie something exciting, the biggest thing you should  get out of what I'm saying is BE CONFIDENT oh and don't smell :) lol I really hope you take a girls point of view from all these other guys, I hope things workout!!!
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You just have to be yourself.... Try and talk to her a lot... Be super nice!
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Normally the best way to do this is to appear totally uninterested in her as if she doesn't exist. Of course you'll have to be somewhat in the same social setting before this will work. Won't work at all if you're both total strangers. If you're strangers the best way to do it is with copious amounts of money.
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He doesn't. Settle for the table scraps.
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Well I hope this unpopular guy likes the popular girl for her personality and who she is, not just because she's attractive and popular. If so, then be yourself and just talk to her. Get to know her because just because she's popular and may even seem friendly, things aren't always what they seem (which is what some guys need to realize). If she doesn't like you because you are "unpopular" well too bad she's shallow so move on. Though, hopefully that won't matter to her. You have nothing to lose really just get to know her and decide if she's really what you want.

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If the guy is a looser I don't think h could have a chance for it but if he's not a looser then he must try to find the girls interests and make her attention to him self . But never and ever don't try to make her attention to you by helping her to carrying something or playing her maid. And try to be your self she should love you not the one you pretend you are . Good Luck my friend
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Hi I am very unpopular to and I love this girl in my class like mad but another boy likes her and she realy likes him I think the boy is the most popular person in the class and the girl is the most popular girl I get called names a lot and all the girls friends think I  am a freak but I am not fat retarded or anything people just like calling me names and the boy and the girl are going out to a dance that the whole class is going to what should I do I can't forget about the girl cause I lov her soooooo much

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