Why Do Most Pretty Girls Date Ugly Guys?


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Who says pretty girls mostly date ugly guys?  There are a lot of pretty girls that will only date good looking guys.  I am not saying that there aren't any pretty girls dating guys that are not handsome, but there are different reasons why they are.  Maybe some pretty girls like their personality, how smart they are, how they treat you and the fact that they are not all about their own looks.  And yes some pretty girls with low esteem need the guys that are not as handsome to make their own egos feel better and also there would be less competition over the good looking couple.
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I said that sometimes pretty girls date ugly guys but with you it is probble the oppisite a hot guy is dating a ugly girl.
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I'm so so so sorry :(
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Apology accepted. Hope you enjoy your time here and learn somethings and get other answers to more questions that you might have. Best of luck!!

I want to leave you these words for you to think about!!

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." -- Mother Teresa
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This is a Phenomenon that I have wondered about, after careful observation I have come to a conclusion that women have to "date down" as a generalization men are very full of themselves and have the tendency to wander, so women are forced to date guys who are less good looking then they are so that the guy will worship them and not "cheat" or leave them for someone else.  If a woman dates a guy who is much better looking then them they always have to worry and wonder if the guy is cheating and if they are looking for someone else behind their back.  Also guys have way more self confidence than women for the most part.
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WHY YOU ASK?  They  got the guts to go up and talk to them ,they didnt sit on the side and wait for them. Talk to them all . ALL the girls you see make time to talk to them all,you then may find out why their with other guys, make your self a good person to talk to and do activitys at school. Don't just sit at home and wonder, there not in your house there outside.
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To feel as if they're still pretty. If a girl dates a guy who's ugly, they usually look prettier next to them.
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Because pretty girls arent popular (because of the ugly girls, who are popular, make them like that). The ugly girls date the HOT guys (who are popular), leaving no more sexy men for pretty girls to date, and the leftover men, are the unpopular, usually sweet:) 'ugly men'. Its like that in my school so, it could be diff in your place and stuff.
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What some girl break up with you and she is with another guy that is UGLY!! Some girls go for ugly guys if the guy is rich or the girl want to jelous someother guy, but the girls that have true heart and not greedy they will go for someone they like.
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Because they don't care what he looks like, it's his personality that they care about=) or in some cases, how big his wallet is=P
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Some pretty girls don't realise they are pretty and so have lower expectations, and will often be more happy for it ^_^
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Also, more girls than you think, will go for what's inside rather than what everyone else sees on the surface
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Well I honestly don't see a problem with that if the girl is dating him because she likes him for his personality and he treats her right. And honestly, some girls aren't so fixated on only dating attractive men (though there are plenty who are). There are attractive men with girls who people would debate to be considered as less attractive than the guy they are with. And again there is no problem with that if they are dating for personality and how well they treat each other.

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Pretty girls want to avoid stereotypes. For me, I just talk to all kinds of guys. The popular, funny, sweet, smart, and unpopular ones. I try to find the good qualities in guys. Lots of the hot and popular guys are too busy with their friends and their games to make time for me. Lots of them are jerks. Yes, it does make us feel confident, but we don't use an "ugly"guy just to feel confident. There needs to be a feeling there already. Plus, these guys get all cute and jealous if a "hot" guy comes around. 

"Hot" guys don't feel threatened because they feel there is no competition. They feel they're better than all of the other guys, and can get any girl they want. We don't need guys like that in our life. If you're attractive, and you find it unfair that the girl you like likes someone else who's "worse" than you, be sweet. Talk to her. Flirt a little bit. Make her feel special. Be confident and just overly sweet, even if you're embarrassed your friends will see. Show her, you can be all the things this "ugly" guy can be. Make time for her!

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