Are there nice guys in this world that will date me out of pity? Cause i really do NOT believe a guy I like would DATE ME. I'm 20 and never had a guy cause i'm ugly and have a Terrible personality.


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Then change.
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You shouldn`t want someone to date you out of pity, you should want someone to date you because they love you for who you are. You may believe that you`re ugly and have a terrible personality but to someone out there your looks and personality might be just what they`re looking for. And if you truely believe you have a bad personality then I agree with the other answer, change what you think makes your personality so terrible, try being happier, more optimistic, care free and you`d be surprised how guys are attracted to that kind of attitude. As for your looks, if you believe your so ugly then try throwing on some new, sexier clothes or throw on a bit of make up or do your hair up real nice and your bound to catch someones eye. Good luck! :)
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There is no one who will love me every guy i ever liked rejected me. And make up doesnt work for me it just makes me look uglier and as for hair if i put it up people will see how fat my face is and run in discust. I cant lose weight cause of a medical problem so im stuck being a ugly blob so yes i do want someone to date me out of pity because no one will ever want me im 20 and am STILL single because of my looks. And my personality i tryed changing it and i cant. ='(
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:( don`t think like that. If you can`t lose weight thats fine, love isn`t only for skinny girls. And don`t be so pestimistic, guys arn`t attracted to girls who are always gloomy and sad. You`ve gotta just smile, be care free and love will come. And before you say ``you can`t`` or `` it won`t do any good`` just give it a shot, you;ve got nothing to lose :P
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I have no family or friends i kinda have a reason to be depressed.
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First, God doesnt make ugly people nor junk. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the real true beauty comes from deep inside of all of us and can't change as easily as the outside can. Never compare yourself to others as our minds will always find something wrong whether it really exists or not. We are all made different to be unique and beautiful in our own way. Just remember that you are the most beautiful person you know no matter what anyone else thinks, and with this mind set, your personality changes and shows people kjust how beautiful you really are and they will think differently of you and more will date you. It truly is in the attitude so change yours and the worldd will change theirs and there really is someone out here for everyuone so be patient as when you least expect it your knight in shining armor will appear. You are the most beautiful person you know in the Universe
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Hey Tiffany , its like you're so desperate for a guy , when you really don't need one! I'm sure you are beautiful and if you think you have weight issues then you could always lose weight , there is so much help for you out there Tiffany..8) you sound like a lovely person so I guess guys just don't appreciate you and nieither do they see your beauty but don't worry theres a guy for you out there , somewhere , he just hasnt found you yet....8) and you r still young and have plenty of time to find someone , maybe if you were a little more positive and you may find someone? Negativitity never gets you anywhere! So smile and believe you are beautiful and I'm sure your prince will come! And remember if you can't learn to love yourself how is anybody else supposed to love you? So if its appearance your so worried about then change the way you look , but don't change you! Don't change your persona cus thts fine the way it is..8) good luck! And plus you can go get some therapy and counselling that will help you feel better about yourself and may give you some good advice.
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What? Oh my gosh no. You don't want someone to date you out of pity. And how can you say you have a terrible personality? I may not know you but obviously you want love or companionship and if you want either you need have confidence in yourself but don't be stuck up. That just isn't attractive. If you think you aren't attractive then do something but do something that will not be hard to keep up. He has to like you for who you are. He can't be expecting things that you aren't going to give him. But the main thing. Be a little more confident, it's the most attractive thing ever. And look at your good points, I'm sure you have a few if not a lot. Be confident.

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