Why do guys date girls for looks and then just throw them away when they're done?


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A girl can be the same way. Before I came to terms with my own sexuality, I dated a girl who was super sweet and shy. I found out from her best friend (that had a crush on me) that she was only dating me because she wanted "popularity" and because of my face. You don't do that to people, it hurts.. I was kind to her, I treated her well..

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Guys who date girls only for their looks typically "throw those girls away" when they get what they want. The same can be said for women. There is so much more to the make up of a person than what they look like....and if you're going out with a person based on their looks, well, that relationship isn't going to last long.

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I can't speak for the guys dating for looks, but I know a lot of women who date guys for their money đź’µ! Neither is right, but I believe you attract what you seek. Looks may catch your eye but a good personality and sense of humor will keep you interested.

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Its good for their Macho man ego and a way to impress their peers. Young people go for looks but then so do senile old men,  and miss the real beauty that lies deep inside and that's sad

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No clue but that happened to me, maybe not the dating for looks thing, although my friend said he did do that... He was a senior and I think used me and my friend to get through his last year of school. I cheered him up, made him feel better, he did the same and became my support.... He randomly stopped talking to me about a month ago after he made a promise never to leave me alone. He convinced me that suicide and cutting would not solve my problems and then, he left me alone.

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Roy Lovett
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Sweetheart, I remember you telling me about that. I want to kick his @$$, seriously. You can't so that to people. You have the most amazing personality out of anyone I have spoken to... I want to help you.
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Thank you, Roy...
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A better question is ... Why do girls go out with guys who are only attracted to their looks?  If you don't respect yourself any more than that, why expect anyone else to.

EDIT: They do it for the same reason girls date guys for their looks, then dump them for someone better looking.

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I wonder that too.. If a girl knows that, then why date him? With my boyfriend, I knew he only dated girls for looks but he told me, he liked me for more than that. ^-^ Some guys lie to seem like a good person, I guess. When people are in what they perceive to be love, they become blind.
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It's the same as an abusive relationship, except this is emotional abuse which hurts just as bad. Why do we do it? We accept the love we think we deserve. (hence girls/guys who are amazing but have no self esteem /respect)
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I'm thinking that behaviour is not gender specific .. And most often it happens because the 'tosser' has been enabled. THIS is exactly why it is so important to get to know a person you 'think' you might want to 'hook up' with .. Because they plausibly could be THAT  jerk who will use you and discard as they would a piece of chewed gum.  Judge them for their behaviour and how they treat other people .. Not for who you think you WANT them to be.

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Some girls are too easy. Do you win the lottery every time?

Play hard to get, make it worth something. Just how much is he interested?

Save yourself a lot of head aches. Be good to yourself.

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