why do boys lie so much online regarding love and likings? how is it possible for them mentally to do time pass with so many girls at the same time making each one believe they're in crazy love with them? just how?


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It's not "online," it's "age."

And then unfortunately some never grow up.

I am sorry someone hurt you sweet Nice Girl. You deserve to be treated like a princess. ūüėĒ

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A better question is ... Why does anybody believe what they read online?  Especially as far as relationships?

As to dating ... We are supposed to date multiple people.  It is the only way to decide what type of person we want to eventually settle down with.  We don't have long enough lifespans to only date 1 person at a time, to get a large enough sample to make that decision.

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Not all boys do, but I  know plenty do. Unfortunately many younger boys are all about bragging rights with their friends. It has been going on long before the internet came along.

This is a lesson to be learned by you. Unless you talk to the boy about being exclusive you can't expect him to only be with you. If you have and he is still seeing other girls, it is time to move on.

Unfortunately getting your heart broken is part of life. And you will most likely break someone else's heart. You may realize someone isn't right for you and you need to walk away leaving them hurt. It is something just about everyone goes through.

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Many of them young boys could be anyone behind the Internet my advice just be careful who you converse with online and be careful Skyping , Face time , Picture Messaging etc , believe it or not they can send viruses , malware and use that to hack devices you use to converse with them yes it does happen. Some guys who are true but they are immature that is why they act the way they do.

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This is one reason why Yahoo took down chatrooms and they Aol took down Aol Chatrooms
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but no matter the uncountable no. of risks, when i feel the utmost desire to be loved, i take whatever risks that lie idk , i guess im too naive, emotional and highly sensitive
Straight Edge  Society
Yes lot of us do them things Nice Girl . I been there many times and i know it's not easy not to take risk.

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