Im girl and im 13. I discovered korean pop and now i am so in love with a girl from a past group. I have never been in love with boys. I like korean boy bands but i cant get in love with them. This girl is driving me crazy, am i lesbian?


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No, you're 13.

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Ray  Dart
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@TJ I'll go and look now.. Such labels are hung upon us. (But as I have said (twice) before, there is considerably less to me than meets the eye. :))
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I said it, sorry for labeling lol
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That's cool, Ray---I have the Wizard of Oz in my repertoire as well.
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do you think lesbian is just about a girl likes a girl? Lol google up yourself what lesbian is all about

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A lesbian has sexual attraction towards other girls. Just "falling in love" doesn't mean you have sexual attraction towards. Some 13 year-olds haven't experienced sexual feelings yet. I wouldn't really be too concerned over whether or not you're a lesbian quite yet.

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