Am A 16 Year Old Girl And Im In Love With A 45 Year Old Man ... Is It Wrong?


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I don't think it's a problem , yeah your young and yeah he old but if you love him then why is that a problem, loads of people don't know what it feels like to fall in love with a very older person , if they were in that situation maybe they would understand.
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At 16 you don't need to worry about men!! Take care of yourself... Finish school have fun!!! Your an adult before you know it!! There is nothing wrong with you, but there is with a 45 year old man that wants to be with a 16 year girl!!!
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This is very wrong. Is he married? He should be with his family. It is illegal as you are under age, and is set up for arrest, as well as you be setting up for major heartache. There is not future for you here, Find a noce guy your age, and leave the older one alone. He is old enough to be your dad
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Well I heard love works in weird ways and overcomes age so well but that 45 year old guy THATS JUST WRONG!!!
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I don't think it's wrong, you love who you love. Just don't become public if you're ever with him cause he could go to jail.
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Are you crazy does your mother know you want to go out with a 45 year old man I say hell no and if you don't know that is rape.
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Yes it bad ask some cop and ask him/she and the well and I saw a girl and a boy that older then her and they got arrested
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I don't think it's wrong but I think you should wait till you're 18 before you do anything with him.
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You still have a life ahead of you. He's already lived his life and probably has children or grandchildren. You should worry about school, college and a real love later on. It's crazy because he's old enough to be your father. That's not love and you are too young. It's gross. What would your parents think? They would be so upset. You still have to experience love with someone your age.
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This is a really creepy question this could be like her long lost father or something!!! And this girl is going to be a grandmother and all her grandchildren are going to be older! This girl needs to dump the old dude and get in touch with reality cause if anything happens HE is GOING TO JAIL. So to start looking for people in you age period aka 5 years older or younger is not to bad for you, but if you get older have fun
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That's really scary. Are you in love with him or is he just in love with you too? If your in love with him then that's perfectly okay. I'm in love with Tom Cruise and Ryan Reynolds. But if the 45 year old man is in love with you then that is ENTIRELY wrong. That'd be like me and my dad! The man should know better. That's pedophilia!
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Wow! That is totally wrong.oh my god what were you thinkingg? No no know what..I think that you are confusing thingss here! Maybe your father never loved you & so you are like trying to find love from a 45 yr old man.or maybe he has that why your with him? Oh my god thats disgusting!!!
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In "LOVE" age limit has no barrier...any age girl can love any age man and vice-versa. In my view..It is not wrong if you love him... But the question is.... Do he loves you too?.  And what are your aim.... Do you love him just for experiancing the GOD gift.... Than it is OK... If you want to marry with him...THINK AGAIN.

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You should just forget about and there a lots of beautiful things to see in your life. Otherwise it is going to be biggest blunder in your life.
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Hmm I think you should reconsider you're interested in love, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean but try at least 25 and below thats understandable..hope I could be of assistance =)
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Its your life your old enough to make your own choices,if your in love with him and he loves you then there shouldnt be anything wrong,just be carefull he's a lot older than you make sure he doesnt take advantage of you.
Hope this helps :)

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