I Am In Love With A Man Twice My Age. Everybody Keeps Telling Me It Is Wrong But I Can't Help It. How Does Everybody Else Know That It Will Not Work Out?


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Every relationship is different whether the couple are the same age or whether there is a big age gap. It all depends on the two people within the relationship, on how the relationship will turn out. It is completely possible for a relationship to work if there is a big age gap between the two people. However, there are obvious obstacles that you will face and many couples's juts don't overcome them.

You have to do what's right in your relationship and it all depends on your age too. If you are over 18 then it is nobody's place to tell you who you should and shouldn't be with. The relationship will also have more chance of working if you are older, as you will know your own mind. You need to take into consideration the man's age that you are in love with and his interests etc. Do you like the same things? Is he happy doing what you do?

Overall it is more about how compatible you are as a couple, rather than the age gap. If you like the same things and there aren't any obvious age related problems, the age gap really shouldn't be a problem!
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It depends on how old you are. For example if you're 16 a 32 year old has a lot more experience and wider world view than you. There also may be first or even second families to consider. If there's a big age gap it offen happens that the older partner has children from previous relationships and this has to be taken into account.
There's no reason why a gap like this should imply that a relationship can't work. Do bear in mind as we get  older the younger partner may still want to do things that the older partner doesn't feel up to anymore. Tastes in music, interests, family life can all effect a relationship. By the time the younger partner reaches 50  they may have been widowed for some time and this is something to be given a lot of thought.
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It doesnt matter if your love is twice your age. If you really love him you should be together. It doesnt matter what everybody thinks.
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Age doesnt matter. When you fall in love its meant to be. Don't let other people let you down or tell you different because your the only one who knows wats best for urself.
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His ask me he loves me a lot and he is does'nt live without me so you tell me his realy love me I love a lot to a lot

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