my friends gossip about me all the time and always leave me out like im the third wheel. Also, i can never trust them with my secrets. They have made me cry many times in school. There is this main girl and everybody sticks up to her and agrees to everything she say. please help me, this has made my life awful.
@roostercogburn. Thanks for ur advice but the problem is i have known them for ages and if i leave them no one else will want to become my best friend.


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Sounds like it's time to find some real friends ! If they were your real friends, they wouldn't do that as it's rude. I think you should try to make some new friends and start fresh. I have a feeling that there are plenty of people that would like to be your friend. You just have to find them. Don't let people treat you like that no matter how long you've known them !

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Why, I never knew, but I was always the one being picked on, gossiped about, and left out, even by those I called friends. It wasn't until after I dumped those "friends" that I found the two friends I can now trust with my darkest secrets and with my life. My advice is the same as Roosters, it's time to leave those posers and find someone who is willing to stick by your side. Personally, I'd rather have no friends than have fakers I can't trust.

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Find some new friends your so called suck. School is full of cliques and gangs so i suggest be yourself and dont get involved in any of those

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They are not your best friends either by the sounds of it. When I started Secondary school none of my female friends from primary went there, hence I ended up befriending the first girl I spoke to. She ended up becoming like one of these girls you speak of.  I spent many breaktimes on my own. Thankfully I had a great life outside of school at the stables so I didn't feel consumed by it. See these girls were nothing like me, all they spoke about was boys, make-up and designer clothes which I didn't give two hoots about. They were always competing with eachother and being bitchy. One day I turned around and said I'd had enough. They were spiteful but it didn't sway me. Then suddenly I heard another voice fighting my corner, I turned around and there were a group of girls that I'd befriended in classes throughout school but had never really hung out with. These girls became my friends during the last couple of years of Secondary school, and we had lots in common. The other girls never said a thing after that, not to my face anyway, still gossip is always indirect :)

Sometimes you have to decide what you want in a friend. In leaving these girls you may realise that you had other friends all along that didn't want to hang out with those type of girls either, because lets face it.. ..they are hard work.

School is a ground for social learning, these girls are teaching you what you value in people and most importantly what you value in yourself. If you can see these girls for what they are then that means you are not one of them, that's great news.

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As you can see, the vote seems to be unanimous. You need to just cut them off and get new friends. Also remember High School is a very short period of time in your life. Most people you know in High School will move on to different paths after High School and in most cases you will never see them again.  Remember you have a ton of great friends here on Bluritit!

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Not true.

Move on.

You'll find new friends. You're just young and scared. 

Or keep hanging with them. Its your choice.

Lastly. You you came here for excellent knowledgeable advice from honest seasoned experienced people. Most of us have been in your shoes and no one was there to give advice and stand with us. 

You GOT IT.  

Again use it or not.

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There are counterfeit friends and there are real friends! Counterfeit friends think nothing of hypocritically stabbing one another in the back. Some companions may not be worth keeping as close associates. Therefore, if you want genuine friends you need to be selective about those you choose as close and confidential companions. Because your choice of friends tells a lot about what kind of person you are or are likely to become.

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