Is It Possible To Justify The Fact That You Have Two Boyfriends?


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if you are good at rationalization, than i suppose it is possible. I have done things that are socially and morally wrong, and I have come up with whole lists of justifications. However, I have a psychiatric diagnoses, so nothing surprises anyone around me. The thing is; that somewhere in our Spirit's, we know the right from the wrong. I believe you feel it, or you would not ask this question. Is it possible that either of these boyfriends would be hurt if they found out about the other.  That is where the justifications may fail to alleviate the guilt, or if you will, the BLAME. If you care, really care about a person, than you need to consider, what is best for them. True Love, takes precedence, and when we do hurt someone who cares for us, we will suffer consequences eventually. This is not a judgement dear. This is what Love has taught me. Love yourself enough to do what you think is right..*p
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That's deep...very deep. Mmmh.. You really touched me there hey! Thanks for the response, on Mabee's behalf!
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I think it is ok to be seeing 2 people if they know about each other and you have not let one believe that you have a "steady" relationship.  But if you are playing games where you can't decide which one is better or you are trying to hold on to one until you see if the new one is going to work out.. Than you are just asking for trouble and trust me trouble always catches up and usually you find yourself with zero boyfriends.  It is always for the best not to play games with people.. Imagine if you found out you were the spare girl for one of them?  
Handle everyone's feelings the way you would want them to handle yours and you wont go wrong
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Only to yourself, not to the two boyfriends!

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