How can I become resistant to my manipulative, lying, molesting father? He has molested me for 10 years, and I have finally told someone. This has been the worst year of my life and it never seems to end. He promises his love to me and says he only wants the best for me, and if I take it back it will all be over. When in reality, he may get custody. He is such a good liar and manipulator that I feel as though I am being brainwashed, and it has caused me severe psychological damage. How can I become stronger and not fall for his tricks? I am dying inside, and have attempted suicide several times. Please, for the love of god help me. Help me become stronger and get through this. He has raped my mom and held a gun to her chest and killed a man, and is still not in prison. He is a sociopath, and everybody loves his charm and charisma that he put on. Please.


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You finally told someone?  Why haven't you told the police?

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Savannah Savvyskh
I did. I called the police. But i finally did it this year, and I am 14. But he has been molesting me through all of my childhood, and a child can't exactly call the police. I felt very hopelessly depressed. I was only looking for a way i can become mentally stronger against him.
Savannah Savvyskh
i would appreciate this if an adult woman would answer. They seem to know more about this.
Cookie Roma
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Of course a child of 14 (or younger) can call the police. I'm 62. When it was happening to me, the attitude by law enforcement was that such things were "family problems" and should be handled by the family. You can talk to teachers, school counselors, or any trusted adults.

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