PLEASE I NEED AS MANY ANSWERS AS POSSIBLE!! I like a committed guy but I will never confess my feelings to him. He has got the hint though, and wants me to admit it to him, which I never will. Since I denied, he has started ignoring me. Why does he want me to confess if he loves his girlfriend?


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I have another question. Why are you wasting time and energy on him if you know he has a girlfriend? This guy sounds like trouble and it is best to just walk away.

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Kruti Bhatt
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I know. But I can't help how I feel. I'm trying to get over him, but this question just keeps my head spinning.
PJ Stein
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My guess would be he would use that emotion as a way to use and manipulate you.
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He's sailing along quite comfortably in a yacht with his current girlfriend.

You want him to jump in the water and swim to yours.

He is not going to---probably in any  case---but certainly not until you assure him that you are committed to him so that he doesn't feel like he's jumping off the boat he's on to swim to yours without a life jacket.

Realistically, I don't see much chance for a satisfactory resolution here unless you move on.

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Why does he care what you think if he's committed to another girl?  Doesn't sound like he would be a very good "catch".  Sounds like a real player to me.  Find someone who is available .. Have more self-respect. 

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Barb Cala
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That's even worse ...
Yin And Yang
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Tiger is right! Echooos caught it. She just said "girlfriend" to see if we would give softer more "ear tickling" answers!
Yin And Yang
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Smh! Manipulative even in her questions! :0(
I feel bad for the wife.
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Your mind is made up. If he is a cheat and a jerk and you are a homewrecker then nothing we say is gonna stop you. My true heartfelt advice is to tell his wife that you and your boss aka her HUSBAND have the hots for each other. Give HER the dignity to chose for herself to put up with it or leave his sorry butt! She is the ONLY one I feel sorry for in this situation!

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Kruti Troll possibly having an inappropriate adulterous work relationship with her married employer. 😝😝😝😝😝or

Writing a book or theis or just lying.

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Ego is an interesting thing . . .

HE would like YOU to boost HIS . . . . Live with him ignoring you. NOW that you have embraced that he is committed . . . MOVE ON.

We do not have to HAVE that which someone else posses . . . It is not serendipity or kismet . . .

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There is a girl who my boyfriend used to date and she still likes him a lot. He blocked her on everything but she still seems to find her way into our life (putting notes on his car window at night, watching until we split up at a bar and going up to him, etc) and honestly I find it very immature. Why ruin someone else's perfectly good relationship? It has caused fight between us and almost split us up one time, exactly what she wanted. Don't be that girl please! There are millions of guys out there, you will find a handsome SINGLE one for yourself someday :)

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