Is it wrong for and 18 year old girl to be with a 26 year old man?


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millicent williams Profile
I don't think so at 18 she is considered an adult and as such has the common sense to go with it.
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Jay Taylor answered
No I met my Baby daddy when I was 18 and he was 26
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kayla dodd
kayla dodd commented
Its nice to hear im not alone Ive had a lot of people tell me theres to big of an age difference and i love him to death
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor commented
You are Grown so who cares what ppl say as long as YOU are happy nd in LOVE it shouldnt matter how old they are!!
kayla dodd
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That's true I've just always been a people pleaser and never wanted anyone to be disappointing in me but you are right with that though.
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
Nope your both adults(:
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Charlotte Nunn answered
Not at all in my eyes :) I think that if you are in love it doesn't matter what your age gap is, yours just happens to be the same size as mine was..but it makes it worse, cause I'm only 14 *cough* go for it :)
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millicent williams
Yes but there is a vast difference in 18 and 14!
kayla dodd
kayla dodd commented
There is but when you add up the years it pretty much the same thing
Charlotte Nunn
Charlotte Nunn commented
But the thing is, I know you don't think I'm as mature as an 18 year old, which I'll admit is probable true, but he acts like a 15 year old, so we should be on about the same level lol :P
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
No to me age don't matter as long as you love that person age don't matter to me
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
It is wrong. He is older with a lot more world experience than you. I have known a few people in your situation. They get married.  One couple had 2 kids the other had 3 kids and the marriages ended in divorce. One girl actually met my friend at the front door one day when my friend was coming home from work. She said "you stole my youth from me" and left. They had the three kids. She wound up clubbing and drinking. She found a party guy and remarried. She makes dates to see her kids and never shows up. The kids still love their mother though. Two of them have drivers licenses now and drive to see her. Be carefull. Don't be in a big rush to get married and have sex, which leads to kids. Don't do it.
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Forest Lone answered
No, but as she gets older, the generational differences will be more pronounced. He will be 40 and she will be young 32. Older he gets, the more she will realize he will be making her feel old too.

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