Is a 18 year old female too young to date a 28 year old man?


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Maurice Korvo answered

Just think, if you marry him, when you finally get to retire at 65, and want to do some of the things you always wanted to do, he will be 75, and will want to stay home and watch football on TV

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Cookie Roma answered

It is too young.  When ever I see one of these questions I think, I get why an 18 year old would feel good about dating a28 year old.  The thing it's what's wrong with the 28 year old that they'd date an 18 year old?

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Ray Dart answered

I think it is perfectly reasonable for a young woman to "date" an older man. If his first name is Ray, then it is even better.

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Michelle Kwok answered

yeah, it's a bit of a stretch. But preference varies from person to person. Should be extra careful about men that date younger girls.

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Twisted Juju answered

I mean it's legal. But what do you actually have in common is the thing? He's done things that you haven't which life expierences are a big part of dating.

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My parents are almost 10yrs apart in age. So I think what makes the difference whether or not you should is, how well do you know this man. Do you have things in common? And are you a mature 18yr old or one that's still a bit childish and into partying like most 18yr old girls are. No offense. Age is only a number you have to factor in other things as well.

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Miley Johnson answered

It all depends. I personally like using some sugar baby dating services like Secret Benefits, and there are many people who look for much younger girls indeed. If you are ok with it, why not. There is nothing terrible about it at all ;)

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