I am a 43 year old female and date a man that's 66 what am I called?


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Nice Girl answered

wow, do you really care what you are called?

it doesnt matter how old you are n how old he is, until and unless you both love each other, and honestly speaking , even if you dont, thats okay, you arent called anything!

dont care so much what others say, what they say about you doesnt show who you are but who they are , alright?

so chill n enjoy the rest of your life....:)

and btw, your called a human!

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Janis Haskell answered

A woman dating a man.

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Yin And Yang answered

Well..... If you are after his millions of dollars then you would be considered a gold digger but if you are with him because you two love each other then..... Well.... Everyone gave you WONDERFUL answers! :0)

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Tom Jackson answered

"Risk taker?"

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Ancient One answered

My late wife and I had a 25 year difference. It took her 1 day to realize she was in love with me. It took me a week to accept the fact I was deeply in love with her. I could not believe it. Her family had a hard time accepting me and made it rough on her. After two years of the stupid nonsense I put both feet down at a family gathering and basically told them where they could all go and why. I thought I hurt her feelings because she was crying. She said they were tears of joy and she was proud of me, thankful for me. No one had ever defended her in any way. After that things were cool then got a little warmer but I never let them forget I was her protector.

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