How can i tell if a girl likes me?


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You know girls/ladies are funny. Some tend to be cool and with no words when having a dialogue. Their always look  guilty and can't look at you directly in the face. At times they behave as if they can't talk back but instead they like what you tell them and always feel happy inside their hearts.

So if you find one of that character just know that she loves you.

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Watch her actions around you and trust your gut feelings as the heart does and will lie and actions always speak so much louder than any words could
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Girls are all different. So there's not a specific thing to look for with every girl. Some will come up to you and tell you they like you, and some will avoid eye contact and try to act cool around you. Any specifics you can share?
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Well i only have 1 class with her, art, she'll give me compliments on things ive made, or that she likes my tie(only once). And we talk in class and she'll smile while were talking. Also we'll make random eye contact and smile.

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