How Do I Know If A Guy Likes Me, If He's Not Telling Me?


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Aisha answered
There are obvious signs which let you know that a guy likes you. Guys are very expressive in this regard. They normally like to show what they feel. As he has told you that he wants to be with you all the time and is always there at your house, this means that there is something serious. I presume you guys are good friends so why not play it in open and ask him directly that since he is hanging around all the time what are his actual feelings.
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HMm.. . Being a guy I can give you a perfect answer, that guy is interested in you the reasons are so solid if a guy wants to flirt he never mingles with your family as he wont care of them, but a guy who wants you, needs you n loves you would always want that every person associated to you should like him as you do, that's the reason he's not straight away telling you,
and tries to spent most of the time means he loves you, just ask him straight away, you will get the actual answer. . Trust me.

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