Can we fall in love a second time ?


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Joe B. answered
It's possible, but I have found my one true love and if there is a time after her
I will choose to remain alone, because what we have is the most beautiful experience of my life.
And sure there is a chance it could be recaptured with another person, But I highly doubt it, and don't even care to try.
One great love is all I ever dreamed for, and I have it.
Chloe Brisco Profile
Chloe Brisco answered
Yeah of course you can fall in love again, and everyone gets betrayed at least once in love but you can't let that taint your whole view, love is the best things we do as humans it may take a while but you'll love again in the end your delaying the inevitable if you don't try (:
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Amna Riaz answered
We can fall in love many times in one life time,,,, :) although once a partner has been married to you they are sealing themselves to you and you should put all your love into them :)
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Maxine Chan answered
Yes, you can but you will always have a first love. The second love comes around when you least expect it.
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max loy answered
Yes we can fall in love for a second time. For that matter, some people fall in love an umpteen times.

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