If You Find That You Fall In Love With Your Housemate, What Should You Do?


2 Answers

charmaine saunders Profile
It depends on whether you think you want to pursue a romantic relationship with your housemate or keep things platonic seeing as you live together. Also, is there any chance that he's interested in you? If not and your feelings are really strong, then you might have to consider your options. You could end up getting very hurt if you stay on and your feelings keep growing without any hope of reciprocation. If this is a chance you don't want to take, you could consider moving out. After all, a place to stay can be replaced but why risk a broken heart if there's no good reason?

If your housemate is single, your other option is to hang in and throw out some hints, maybe suggest some outings and see where they go. There's positive risk-taking and foolhardy risks. Assess which one you have in this case and then make up your mind what to do then.

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