How Do I Cheer Up My Depressed Girlfriend?


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You can't cheer up someone with real depression. Real clinical depression is a medical mental health disorder and it can't be cheered up by anything other than a major psychological or neurological change. Many people in this situation choose to use medication, but some use more personal method such as dietary change, exercise and some counselling or CBT with a psychiatrist. CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

If you love your girlfriend very much, you should be very supportive and help her through this hard time. She might not thank you, she might be difficult, negative and down right annoying, but you need to stay strong and positive and make sure that you are part of her recovery. Be part of that recovery by encouraging her to seek help, she won't want to because it seems more painful than simply hiding away.

Persevere. This is going to be tough, but you will get through it.
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hey, i have Benn depressed for a year!! and bit! my boyfriend now has helped me through it with out pills! and professional help! this is what you can do! if she knows that you are there, your supportive then that ll be good, she needs a safety net and also to not argue with her!!! believe it or not Hun her happiness rests on you! your the only one that prbaly keeps her stable and stops her from killing herself!<< don't think that she will do! but like what I'm saying is be there for her give her a shoulder and stop arguing with her and try and let her know that she can talk to you! and your help her :) it helped me.. ATM I'm stable :) with my boyfriend. but i am still in depression because when ever me and my boyfriend have a row i go soo low :( so you have to realise that your all she got :) hope this helps!! emaxx
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Over the last few months a lot of things have happened in my life which now has me depressed. I am only 21 and as said before I do depend a lot on my boyfriend. He like you does not have any idea what to do but although I cannot talk about it with him I do tell him it is nothing to do with him......he knows what has me depressed anyways. He finds it really hard like you to know what to do and the best advice I can give you is just to be there to comfort your girlfriend when she needs you as often as you can be. Be her shoulder to cry on, try not fight or annoy her, you need to be her support center and if she needs someone the 1st person she will turn to is you..make silly gestures to show her how much you love and care about her so she knows you are there:P
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All you can do is try mate, don't try and be a hero. Just try and see things from her point of view, be supportive, help her with whatever treatment she is on and most importantly remember that you are not the problem. She has a problem and needs help yes, but this does not mean that you are at all to blame. There isn't a single relationship without problems they just come up in different forms.

As for cheering her just try simple tokens of affection, flowers, hugs, kisses. They might do the trick, but then again they might Just get thrown back in your face.

Hope this helps
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Be there for her.... When I know she's depressed, I just text her at random parts of the day asking hows shes doing.... Probably calling her would be better
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It kind of depends on why she is upset in the first place. Sometimes it's enough just to tell her you'll always be there for her if she wants to talk. You could always try and make her laugh. Making her smile and laugh will bring her to the fact that she enjoys doing it. As her if you can help. See if you can think of things that she needs done and do them before she asks. Also, if she would like to talk, listen close, and act according to what you heard. If she doesn't want to talk and askes (or order) you to go away and leave her alone, just tell her that you're there for her when she does want you around. Good luck!
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Try to understand her problem and solve it.if she doesn't want to discuss then divert her thoughts to all nice things.tell jokes make her smile all the time.
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Well one thing you can do is  try to talk to her about it..take her out to the movies or maybe to just get some icecream..this really helps
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But is that my place. What if I can't do it. Should I sacrifice my mental health in hopes that she will come around. Its such a hard thing to cope with.
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Ask her how she feels hold her kiss her tell her you are here for her take her to eat dinner when you are not around call her an tell her you are thinking of her an miss her you are the man she like to feel protected by you
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Weel, its very complicated... I have a bealtiful wife, with a lovely baby boy and another one in her belly. I work hard, to provide them two houses, money and a lot(I mean A LOT) of affection. She gets more and more depressed day by day... I think she was not ready for the obligations of marriage... I´m very supportive and I try to understand what she is going thru. But sometimes I get very upset, because everything I do is not good enough. I often want to get the hell out of this marriage, but my sense of responsability do not allow me to... I think I´ll keep sending her flowers, listening to her all the time, working less to be more with her and beeing more and more attentive to herand the house will do the work.
I don't wish this situation to anybody, at all. It´s a hell of a thing, have the whole world ahead of you and live with someone who don't apreciate it as it should.
Do your part and pray a little. The rest will fall in place(I sure hope!)
Bob from Brazil
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You can't do a thing for someone who is really depressed other than be compassionate. She has to recognize there is a problem, own it and take the appropriate actions to get out of it. You can easily get sucked into her pathology and delusions if she is unwilling to take responsibility and leans heavily on you. No guilt for having a life my friend. I have suffered from depression on and off for my entire life and I have to do what it takes to get over it.
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No ones happiness should rest on anyone's shoulders that is utter crap and despicable advice.
I once had a girlfriend so depressed always talking crazy I tried for years to help and I even tried to get her to see professional help she refused.
I turned to alcohol because I became depressed now I'm a recovering alcoholic with a peptic Ulcar.
Hows that good to tell someone yeah you must carry the entire weight of the relationship thats no relationship
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Write her a poem
make her cupcakes
make her a cd with her favorite music
or just be there for her
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You could try to tell her to snap out of it otherwise you will leave her that always works cause last thing she want to do is lose a bf

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