Why Do We Fall In Love?


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Falling in Love
The human race is a naturally monogamous race, which means that we ordinarily choose one partner for life. There are several species that do this including Swans, Beavers and Prarrie Voles and even Penguins will choose one partner and mate with them only for life!

Why do we fall in love, is it related with genetics? 
When we choose a partner it is for many reasons, and you may feel it's that you have something in common with this person, they fit your life-style and you have the same sense of humour - All of which are important. However, it is likely that something deeper is happening, as your body is genetically driven to reproduce (even if you feel certain that you don't want children) these are the decisions your will subconsciously make depending on the persons DNA (some scientists say that you pick someone with different immunities to you to make sure that any offspring you might have would have a good mix of immunity to illnesses.  If you are of too similar genetic make-up, your children could be left susceptible to infections.  So that is the 'scientific explanation'.  The chemical feelings when you meet someone that drives you to want to mate with them, should be simply down to the survival of the human race.

That's the scientific explanation to why we fall in Love, the draw to another person to make sure we perform the mating ritual. 
Other beliefs 
 Some people believe that we all have a soul, that is separate from our physical self, these people tend to believe in meeting their soul mate, and certainly, when you find the right person and fall in love it can feel like they know you like no one else and speak right to your soul.  Some people even believe that they have lived before and have met their current partner in a previous life and are destined to be together.

Whatever your beliefs are about the reasons for falling in love, there is no denying that it is one of the most amazing feelings you will ever experience, and no matter what our biological drivers are behind it, it is a feeling like no other!
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That is a hard one. Ok Love;you have an interest in someone. And when you love someone n you are met to be your heart is going to tell you. There is no answer for love and many questions. The only answer to love is UNDESCRIBLE! And I am not jk! There are many question and NO answers. We just fall in love because love is just life and we can't help the fact of love or life that's why we call it our lovelife. We fall in love for one reason and that one reason only the person we fall in love with is the person we need the most!

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Because without it we are lonely we fall in love because that human nautre we fall in love beacuse we simply want to and once in a great while because we find someone who we r meant to fall in love with.
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We fall in love because its a beautiful feeling to know that you have someone care for you besides your family and friends. We all fall in love for different reasons but the MAIN reason is to have someone who is going to be there when nobody else will. Someone you can call on when your hurt or your feeling low. Just to know you have someone that is going to pick you back up again, its a great feeling.
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We are different so we sometimes fall for different reasons .I would sometimes go for character from an understanding and caring heart of a women sometimes it mere lust we meet someone for the very first time and feel wierdly attracted to them and so sure it is the major fantasy '"love" .we all have certain feelings those that we wish we could share with some person who would be the special chosen one ,these are the littlest and sweetest moments that paint our faces with smiles sometimes we would wish it will never end while witnessing butterflies and fireworks on our lenses .we just can't get enough of it
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Because everybody wants someone that they know cares about them and well be willing to do anything for them.
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Love is an emotion, and this emotion is a wonderful feeling dictated not by the mind but by the heart. In short, we fall in love because we have a heart for loving. The heart has two functions: (1)To pump blood, and (2) To love.
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They can call it genetics , chemistry, a strong attraction , an indwelling emotion , none seem to grasp what love is , however it is what god is then if we can love god and we can then we can love one another
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I wish I could tell you the answer to that one if you find out please tell me but all I can say it just happens.
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I think simply because humans are made to communicate with others.. Such cliche' no man is an island.. We need affection and care from other people.. And falling in love is a great way of having it..

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