How Do You Know You Are Falling In Love?


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When they the last person you think bout at night and the first thing in your head when you open your eyes in the morning.
You constantly envision them in your future and want every part of them.
The thought of anyone else ever having anything to do with any lil part of them makes you cringe and you just want them all to yourself all the time.
When they the only person who is worth getting the most upset over and the one person who can make you happiest in the world.
You find yourself scribbling their name or initials on everything or decorating pictures of the two of you, thinking bout them all day and constantly missing them from the moment you know they about to leave.
When you'd give up the one thing you value most for them and wouldn't trade any moment in the world for a sec with them.
Thats when you know
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When you get that feeling that your stomach is going to pop out any moment now, just because he walked past you, that lovestruck feeling that he actually looked at you for a split second. The idea that you memorized his time table that you could "accidentaly" walked past him even though your class is way over there. That feeling that the world would be a cold cindarella movie without the happy ending if he wasnt neer you, and that the only thing you could think of is him, and just hopeing and wishing that he is thinking of you to. But how do you know that he loves you back?? Well that he wants to show you of to the whole world when your in your swets, that he calls you beautiful insted of hot and that he is able to smile even though it kills him inside to know that hes not going to see you for a whole week.... And finaly because he wants too spend every momeny with you holding you or kissing you!!!
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Oh boy. Falling in love is an amazing feeling. Its when you consider how every major and minor thing you do will effect your partner. When you do things because you know they love it and you hate it. Trust me if your asking this question your more then likely falling for them.
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When you find yourself thinking of them all the time, wondering if they are thinking about you. You have this feeling deep within your heart and soul and you want to do things for them just because.
When you can put their needs before your own and think about things that might cause a problem between you and that person, when you never get tired to thinking of them, when thinking of them brings a smile to her face and the nerves feeling that runs into your heart and all over your body with the mention of their name you have Fallen In Love
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When you look into their eyes nd forget to breath,when just the seeing them smile makes you smile, when you ask "am I falling for him/her?", thats how you know you'll always be in love with him/her.

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