How Do You Make Your Husband Fall Back In Love With You?


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Understand that people do fall in and out of love even though fairy tales say otherwise. Love is a matter of perception and it takes work to keep a relationship going. A crucial point to keep in mind is to never take anything or anyone for granted. If you want to get that spark back in your marriage ask yourself what made your husband fall for you in the first place.

A serious and frank discussion with him may be in order. Prepare yourself for what he may say. Resist the urge to immediately get defensive or strike back. Listen and decide if the root of the problem can be fixed.

Whatever you decide, don't immediately go in for a separation or a divorce. The two of you were once in love and you might just fall in love again; but only if both parties are willing. Treat him with love and respect and try and discover why you first feel in love. You might want to try dating again or if it is very serious, couples counselling. At the end of it all if nothing works, remember that it might be best to exit gracefully.
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How do you just fall out of love. I do not understand that. I have been with my husband for 16 years and now he has fallen out of love with me, but not me I still love him so much. What is it with men?
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Change yourself for you and not for him. Put on a new face and a new attitude. Fix yourself up and be confident. That is sexy. When a man knows that you do not just love him and yourself it shines through and through. I got my hair done and mani and pedi the last time my man acted up and started loving myself. I tell him he is sexy and turns me on. I rub his cheek and chest and kiss his neck. It is not all about sex but intimacy and communication. Remember what he likes and dislikes. Share his interest and act interested even when you are not. Men have feelings too. Act proud of yourself and not too into him but let him know how much you love and care and lust for him. Don't be afraid to slip your hand in those boxers girl and tell him how much he turns you on. He will be shocked as hell but think and lot at the same time. Be his woman, lover, wife and friend and freak. Bring sexy back and communicate effectively. That is the key.

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