Do You Have Poems About Being Confused About If You're Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Or Not?


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I feel the same way...hope this poem will help

It's hard for me to say this,
It's hard to put into words.
The way I feel about you,
Because I'm afraid of getting hurt.

I'm afraid that I'm falling for you,
My heart has hit the floor.
I hate to be without you,
It makes me want you more.

I love it when you hold me,
And look into my eyes.
I love to feel your body,
When it's pressed against mine.

I love to wake up next to you,
All curled up in your arms.
Where I know you'll keep me safe,
From any kind of harm.

Every time I'm with you,
There's a constant smile on my face.
The piece missing from my heart,
You have somehow replaced.

I want to tell you,
How I really feel.
But I find it hard to admit,
That this is all so real.

You know that I care about you,
But you don't know how much.
I find myself falling in love,
With someone I feel I can trust.

I don't want to scare you away,
I just wanted you to know.
The way I feel about you,
As it continues to grow.

Once again I am risking my heart,
In hopes that you feel the same.
But if you don't, let me know,
So I can deal with the pain.
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I want you to learn  from my experiences, after my boyfriend left me I was all kinds of hurt. And the only one who seemed to be there for me was my best friend. And at times like that its hard not to fall in love with your best friend. I dated my best friend, but I realized to late that the feeling was a love you would have for a brother, not a lover. When I ended it before it got to serious my ex came back into the picture, and  crushed my relationship with my best friend. It has taken two years for my best friends broken heart to heal, and he's just now talking to me. Do you want to take the chance of hurting your best friend ? Just wait a little bit because your probably just confused from the break up. Take some time to clear your mind....
Oh heres that poem...

He had me flying, then I realized I was falling.
When I hit the ground, I was so broken.
I looked around to see who was around, it was you that I found
It you who gently helped me put heart back together
It was you who picked me up, off the ground
Now your holding my heart in the palm of your hand.

Sorry I kinda made it up on the spot, so I'm not sure if it's what your looking for.
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In my point of view love is something so deep that can lure you to peer into your inner self and explore yourself and by the worthy ink of your worthy love;that is initiated and increased every time you use it and think about your loved one; can write the verses that can not only influence the world as Keats did but can also can jinx the one you want. Consider it as an advice of a true lover and a poet. As I myself have been through such situation.
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Did you know that Keats exists in the minds of men? I know from experience that there is too much to be gained from the experience of having love in your life. Do know this ,child, that there are more to life than the things that are the one that incarnated them. What about what you have done to the world; that there was a real instance that there is a real one that w-a-s announced!
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Yes there are a number of love poems which are fit with your requirements but I am suggesting you the best one. The link on which it is available is given below:
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