Should I Believe My Husband Or Not?


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I would confort him now and tell him its either myspace or you, his wife. If there is nothing to them talking then to keep you he will give it up.
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Internet talk with a girl to a guy is flirting and maybe talking nasty. He may be just looking for a little excitement in his life but be on your toes, it could turn into something more, like if he decides to meet up with someone he meets online or if he falls for a girl on there
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The loss of a parent has an effect on men that makes them very hard to deal with.  Talking with his old girlfriend is no way to deal with it and no excuse. You can go on myspace as someone else and start talking to him and see what he wants to talk about. That would let you know his intentions and he might even reveal something about his wife to the "stranger" online.  Since they already know each other, it may be a comforting thing, but I would be wary, I'd keep on snooping and even hire a professional if you can.  Best of luck, as things are going to be difficult for you.
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I have told him to leave or I will leave, gave me a sob story and bull**** now I really can't seem to get over this.
I said I would forgive him and I do, however I do not forget!!! I can't seem to make sense of what he said and how it was supposable the one and only time blah blah....
I still don't buy it.
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The above is suppose to be a comment LOL I put it the wrong place....
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To LJ2007-If this is how you TRULY feel and you KNOW FOR SURE you'll act on what you told him-then you ALREADY have your answer! Good luck to you in your relationship sweetie!
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Internet talk?? Just the start,,,do they talk at work also.....i wouldn't believe him., been their .....

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