How do you dress to impress a guy?


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Jack Milligan answered
Just try to be yourself. :)
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Well i would say if the guy really likes you then he would accept you even if you dress like gypsies.. But if you really want to impress him then dress in a way that shows your body shape (if you are happy with your shape).. Or wear something elegant and sexy :D
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Maxine Chan answered
You will have to dress like yourself and never change who you are:)
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Darcy Taylor answered

It depends on you how you impress but most important is how you dress up to look awesome and gorgeous when you go out into the crowd. The beautiful dresses are the add up to your looks as it makes your personality more stunning with the beautiful dress. There are a lot of dresses you can wear it all depends on the occasion you are going to attend.

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This is a mistake a lot of girls make .  You should never dress to impress anyone, other than yourself .  If you feel good about what you're wearing, you will come across as confident , more mature and happy, and be able to impress him that way .

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