How Do You Impress A Girl?


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alisha al answered
Being yourself is a great way to impress a girl. But being nice to her and communicating effectively by using eye contact  could always help. Never lie to her, thats one of the worst possible things that you can do to someone especially if they have feelings for you and you have feelings for them. Find a way to spend quality time with her and get to know her and let her get to know you. Never let her feel that you are not paying attention to her.. Show that you are interested. (:
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Lisa Mier answered
Be friendly, be respectful, and don't try too hard ^_^
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Robert Wagner answered
People who do things to impress someone put on a false impression of who they are. If your life, personality and character is not impressive enough, either improve yourself or find another girl.
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Dress nice this is always a bonus!!! Be caring helpful and kind but mainly be yourself she has to like you for who you are
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Carley Castro answered
First be nice to her and flirt a bit. Get to know her and listen to her, agree with her only if you do agree. Don't lie, we hate that lol. And then listen to her when she tells you the things she likes to do, then suggest to hang at a fave hangout place. Make her feel pretty. But don't be creepy lol
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Why do you need to impress her? if she likes you she won't expect you to anyway.
Just be yourself , be confident and just take things as they come.
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Benchpress 100 midgets at once and then chug beer for 3 minutes.  Then show her your bo staff skills.

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