Is it a bad sign if I think me and my boyfriend have been dating longer than we really have? It feels like we have been dating years instead of months...


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No, It just means you are comfortable in the relationship.  It is trap if you feeling that "he has been there for me" to "he will always be there for me" and you are asking to get your heart stepped on.
This is where it is good to keep a count for yourself, and keep it to yourself, of how long you have been together.  It will help you when the inevitable bumps appear.  Enjoy the falling but know there is a bottom and it is bumpy but very much worth it with the right person. 

35+years and still counting - sometimes  (smile)
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Good to know, we are comfertable and yet still learning about each other. We have love for each other, but I believe both of us have trust issues....

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