My Boyfriend And I Have Been Dating A Year. He Keeps Me A Secret From His Father...?


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You are not wrong to be hurt by this. I would be too. But I mean if his answer to you telling him this hurts you is that you can just leave, well, I would leave. I know a year is a long time to be with someone, and it seems hard to walk away, but he should have your best interests at heart and he obviously does not. Does he care that little for you that he wouldn't even be upset if you just left? Doesn't sound like it. You can do better. You deserve someone who puts your needs above his dads.
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If he tells you to leave if you don't like it...then that's what you should do...he seems more worried about his relationship with his father than you...he's 22 why does he care what his father says any way....nothing but heart ache here for you, you need to move on....good luck
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Well, whatever you are saying is completely acceptable, and if he truly loves you and is doing this so that he is eligible to put yourself in front of his family then, try to understand this. He may not want to ruin everything that he has for you and wants to make everything in the best possible manner, he might be looking for a time when he can go ahead and ask your parents for your hand, and so he is taking time now, and if he is not telling his parents about you that doesn't mean that he is not sure about you or does not loves you, it is because he simply doesn't want to ruin this now and has plans for the future, well, for me its not like this. I would rather inform my parents about everything from the begining, so if he is not then don't be worried, look into it properly and then decide on it. And if you feel that you need to move on then you should, after all its your life and your choice.

Take Care.
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I don't think that it's okay. Personally I believe that you need to try to find someone better, just check this review right there because I think that it will help you to finally make a decision. Just go there and check all the information there. Good luck guys.

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