Me and my Boyfriend been dating for 2 months. I really like him. He is a year older than me. He want to do sexual stuff and I do to but I am nervous?


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Forget it as when in any doubt don't ever do it or youll have regrets for the rest of your life. Besides being way too young, you should wait til you can handle the consequences in case something goes wrong and it does when least expected. Definitely don't do it just to keep him as this is all guys want and will say anything or do anything to get it and then leave you afterwards and if something really happens then he will disappear for sure so wait another 5 or more years so you fully understand what youre doing
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Do you have wedding ring on your hand ,if the answer is no then tell your boyfriend(emphasis on boy as in punk/as in user of women) to go take a cold shower until he pony's up a wedding ring/vow/marriage license with and in front of witnesses. Ever heard the song free milk from a cow. This is exactly how he is treating you.if he gets what he wants from you, then he has no reason to stand up and be a man and marry you.if he actually held you in high regard/up as someone he is willing to marry he would wait til it is done the right way.he sounds like a schmuck( I  may be wrong ,but I am usually not : )  )  if he can't afford a wedding ring/marriage license then  your already in trouble and don't realize it. Besides you should be talking to your parents or guardians about this not total strangers on the net that have no investment in your life. Afterall that is what they are there for isn't it. ( ?)
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How old are you? It wont be right if your under-age and you should only do things when you feel ready. You shouldn't feel pressured to do anything or it wont feel right I was with my boyfriend that long when we did but now thinking about it I do wish I waited longer as I wasn't sure at the time. I'm still with him and have never said that lol but wait for as long as you need and feel right about it. I was nervous to but when the time is right it just works and you don't know what to do but talking about it is the best thing you can do good luck update me how it goes :) . X
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I think you're going to have to be the strong one here. You really like him? I am sure there are a lot of people you really like - sex is not about really liking some guy. If you do this- you'll undoubtedly regret it but if you don't - you will never regret it. Of course both of you have raging hormones but you need to direct that to some where else besides sex (and for the love of Jesus, use protection if you decide that what you insist on doing). Where are your parents - can you talk to them about this? 
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Dear dn't mind him and moreover you young to go into that kind of mess. Which is after you will start regretting it. Just make an impact in his life even if he tends to leave you because you're not yet ready just bear it and trust me he'll still come back to you. But 4 now since you're not yet ready my dear just stay on your own before you'll do something that will affect your future. Keep yourself until you are ready.
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by being nervous means you're that's saying you're not fully ready...if there's a question in your mind wait until that question is answered...

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