I have a boyfriend but he's always so guarded. I don't know what to do. I care about him and I just want him to open up to me. We've been dating for four months. What do i do?


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If you can have patience, you may win him over. Remember that pressure more often brings negative results. Most of the time if a guy really wants you, he will make a move if he thinks he is loosing you. I have to say that it is not always true. I got caught by a girl who came after me with honesty and a bit of patience.
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Can't teach an old dog new tricks..... If he is emotionally baron then ditch him, because he isn't going to turn into Dr. Phil
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Aja White
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Thank you. You are very right.
Joe B.
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Well thank you, and good luck with your future, I am sure you'll find someone more to your liking, more friendly to your needs.
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Have you tried talking to him about it, or even mentioning it? Maybe if he is so guarded he may just be scared to open up, so encouragement is probably all he needs to feel secure.
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I have tried several times. We've been together for four months. Idk what's wrong but I feel more alone in a relationship with him right now.
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Have you tried speaking to him about it face to face? You can always use other means, maybe mention to him that it's bothering you

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