Should My Boyfriend Ever Forgive Me For Cheating On Him With His Brother?


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How can one be forgiven when forgiveness wasn't pleaded for? In order for you to be forgiven, you have to ask him to forgive you.

I used know a couple back in high school. The girl cheated on the guy just because he got mad at her. She cheated on him with another guy from the same school. Later that day she came over to her boyfriend's house and with a straight look on her face she said, "I love you." the boyfriend, who knew nothing of what had happened also returned the "I love you" and kissed her. That same night, the girlfriend called and told him everything and asked him forgiveness. It broke the guy's heart. He ran away from home and went to his older brother's house and spent a night there. He was confused, betrayed, hurt, disbelieved, heart broken. He wanted to kill the guy whom his girlfriend cheated on him with. In his mind, he thought that he had it with the girl and was ready to break up with her. The next day, he went to school, he tried to avoid the girl, but there was something in her eyes that made it hard for him to do so. It was guilt, sincere guilt. He couldn't take it anymore so he told her that he forgave her. They're still together today and are going to marry very soon!

are you asking this question because you want to be back with him or do you even care? Do you feel guilty at all? Genuine guilt? If you do then let him know! If he forgives you then he forgives you, but if not then don't ever cheat on anyone else.
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No. He may forgive you in time but I doubt he'll want to get back together with you. There's just certain things you don't do and cheating on your boyfriend at all is wrong but especially with his brother or friend is a big one. I'm sure you don't need the guilt but you can tear about their family. Not cool.
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That seems like a tough situation.  It seems like you and his brother were being completely selfish.  I think it will take a lot of time to get him to forgive you.  You not only created problems between you and him, but you created some nasty relationship problems between him and his brother.
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He should if your love is stronger than any mistake you make.But you should first take your time and think what made you cheat on him,and if you really want him back.And if you realise that you were just confused and that your boyfriend is really the one you love then you have to fight for him,but be careful,what have you done is a really sensitive thing , he might not want to talk to you for a while,but if he still loves you, he will want you back.
Give him a little time to heal,apologize to him but don't show him gilt , he will use it against you because he is angry and heart.I cheated on my boyfriend too but with person that he didn't know and I'm still trying to get him to forgive me ,
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Hell no,what in the world were you thinking I don't care how fine,sexy,funny and special is brother made you feel that was dirty and it also tells a lot about you, find yourself and love yourself enough to never do that again if you could see the good in you instead of seeing the freak in you you, you be alright. Don't let them use you like that just let go of him and start over with a new man but this time you call the shots,if you want him to love and respect you tease him a little make him wait on it.
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Um um if this is your first time then yes but if not then I would have to say no... Anybody can make a mistake once but if it happens again then it probably will continue to happen and it shouldn't be forgiven
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I'd let it go if I were you, if you can cheat on him with his own brother who else are you going to bump uglies with? What you did might just tear apart their relationship and you should be ashamed of yourself, you may deserve forgiveness in time but you sure as hell don't deserve a second chance!
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We seem to have all over looked one HUGE thing.....  the person asking the question is a GUY. So you have 3 guys all confused about their sexuality... This is a little harder than forgiveness... They don't even know what they want.. Which explains the latch on to the brother... None of you know what your doing....try taking a step back..take a deep breath.. And think about want you really want... Find out what your "boyfriend" wants... And if he doesn't want the same thing... Just move on.. Be happy... But wake the hell up and figure out what you want before you destroy your personal life for many years to come...
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Yes the bible says to forgive. But I'm NOT saying he should give you another chance. You don't deserve a second chance, you cheated on him. He trusted you. Now you have to regain his trust back. He should forgive you but he should not take you back because you can always cheat on him again.
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Hey.. I am almost 19 years old and have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. Two years ago I slept with his brother. I was extremely drunk (I know thats not an excuse). I don't remember what happend, but I woke up the next morning next to his brother and he told me that we had slept together, I didn't remember a thing... I feel alwful and do not know what to do. Should I tell my boyfriend? His brother lives in a different island at the moment and they do not keep in contact much.. I just don't know what to do. I love him so much and do not want to hurt him. Please help
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I cheated on my bf and feel awful about it. He says we shouldn't be friends but ik he rly still wants to be. He just won't look at me. I feel like I have ruined my and his life. So depressed.

Never cheat kids. I know from expierience, I have never known somebody who is proud of it or doesn't regreat it. :(
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It's hard to say dear. He would have to be a pretty understanding guy. But remember blood is thicker than water.
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Move on, you really never loved him if you can cheat on him with a family member who's next the father!!!
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Hey please you guys seem like good advice giver please answer my question about forgiveness of a boyfriend for pushing your brother. Is it forgivable if he changes?
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Tht is a jerry springer ep and its not going to happen its not going to last because hes scared tht you might do it again and thts awful
Everyone deserves forgiveness tho it would possibly be unwise if he also were afflicted with forgetfulness.  ♥nassy

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