What Do You Do When You Told A Boy You Like Him And He Told You That He Likes You But He Doesn't Talk To You Much Afterwards?


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This kind of happened to me. What I did was, after I told him I liked him (he told me he like me too^^), i started to ask him questions to get to know him better. Maybe your guy is just shy and isn't sure what he should say. Talk to him. Tell him how you feel. It worked for me, it could work for you.

Not trying to bring you down, but there's also a possibility he said that because he didn't want to hurt you. Maybe he was quite because he was asking himself if he really felt that way about you.

So, just talk to him^^ You'll never know unless you speak up. Good luck^^

(please let me know if this helps)
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He might have just been being nice and didnt want to hurt your feelings.
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O well he might b scared 2 talk 2 u so u go up and ask
y is he actin lik dat
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Well i will talk to him...i think he is shy... He don't know what to say or start aconversation... Make him feel comfortable..
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Yeah, i agree with most of the people above, but just don't make it too over-whealming or in his face, you know, do it sort of casually, but not too casual other wise he will think you dont really care! :L
good luck! And remember, if he doesn't like you back then, don't take it too seriously and get bogged down. He might change his mind in the future! Quite a lot to take in i know, sorry! (:
I hope it helped :D
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You should set down and talk to him
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I would confront him or talk to him you probably caught him off gard and did not want to hurt your feelings
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Talk with him about when you told him that you like him and see were his mind and heart is on the whole you two like each other situation
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I think he was shy, or nervous. So you have to move, ask him that you want make a simple relationship maybe, or you want to know him well.
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I think that most of these other peoples are right. Maybe u should just start out as friends. Then he might grow on u. I am not an expert on dating, im better @ answering horse questions, but i think that this might work.
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Talk to him. I did it before and eventually it will turn out great! We have a wonderful relationship and we live a great life. He makes going to school worth while!
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It's either he just said it to get you away from him or that he may like someone else a bit more. If he is popular he may not want his popularity to go down.
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He's must not really like you if he does not say much.Either ask him point blank why he isnt talking to you much or don't worry about it and move on.Don't waste your time waiting around for him.
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Well I'm a guy and we just need time to think what to say or ask where to go because we don't want to be dumped instantly.. :(
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If he likes you then he might have been busy. Just tell him how you feel and stick around a little longer
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He probably is shy to be around you. Because it get's awkward when you have a new girfriend/boyfriend. This is waht happend to me with my ex boyfriends. Just try your best to talk to him alot so it will be less awkward. I hope this info helps!

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