My Brother Cheated On His Girlfriend, Should I Tell Her?


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No, you should not tell her.  It is there business.  I know its tough and you want to but it is not your business to tell her.  Guys and girls both cheat sometimes it is sad and awful but that is life.  She will probably eventually find out some other way.  Your brother is your family and you don't want to start problems.  Maybe if you still feel like telling her have her find out some other way that don't involve you or your friends or family and that it don't come back on.  Good luck and take care.
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Phoebe MadHat answered
That's a difficult depends n what you are willing to deal with personally. What your brother is doing is terrible, but horribly commonplace. Should she know? Absolutely. The question is, are you willing to damage your relationship with your brother? Depending on how old he is, he will likely get over the 'betrayal' of you telling his girlfriend the truth, but in the meantime, his motto would be to keep out! Did you personally witness cheating, did he tell you, or did you suspect it? If you personally witnessed it and you feel she might be in some danger (STD's, etc.), perhaps try to remind your brother of the very selfish danger he's putting her in. I know it's hard, but remind him how angry and hurt he would feel if she betrayed him. It is up to you whether or not to confront him or her, but you have many options. Could you tell a parent and have them talk to him (without him knowing it was you)? It's true, it's their business, but the people being hurt rarely like to be the laughing stock as everyone stands around them and wonders...
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Listen to lisamarie1; that's one of the best answers I've seen on blurtit.
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Come on if you say he's your brother and you care about him; you should
tell him whats wrong in his relationship. But if you keep it to
yourself, you're not being loyal to him.
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No, you shouldn't tell her that.  You need to remain loyal to your brother in this regard, no matter how hard that may be and no matter how much he does stupid things.  Hopefully, he will eventually come around and realize he needs to get his act together. 
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Guys, listen...... !!!carefully.if you will never commit in a relationship, please never be in it.... Being liberal is a disease that does not have cure! I meant cancer you hear???. Anytime you cheat on somebody that dsz.... Will never go. Why? You have planted a seed and all it needs is your thought
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Don't get involved that will just create drama! Your brother will just get mad at you and that will start a whoe other problem. YOUR not the one who is at fault so YOU shouldn't have to clean up after your brother. However you should try to convince your brother to tell his girlfriend the truth. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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You should never involve yourself in family or friends relationships unless it is abusive. In the long run they resentment will land at your feet. Besides, it's your brother dude.
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Don't get involved in other peoples business let your bro tell her it is his problem not yours
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Don't tell bros befor hoes this wont be the last chick he heats on thats your fam stick behind him just don't introduce none of your friends to him :)

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