How Do I Tell My Boyfriend Apart Form His Twin?


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Lu Lu or Amanda Johnsoooooon Profile
Find a marking or something on your boyfriend that you know your boyfriends brother doesnt have.. Or you could buy him a necklace or a hat or a shirt or shoes or if he has an ear pierced get him an earring.. So when you see one of them and one is wearing the necklace, hat, shirt... Etc.. You know which one is him.. =) hope that helps
danielle kittles Profile
That could be kinda tough but not really. If you care about him alot then you and only you should know his special features. As far as his likes and dislikes, and what yaw have in common that you share with one another that the brother shouldn't even know about
Jared Profile
Jared answered
A birth mark, eye color, shoes, style of clothes. Etc.
natalie johnson Profile
natalie johnson answered
Is this the boyfriend that has a girlfriend?
Does his twin cheat on his girlfriend too?
Then don't worry about it, because you need to kick those losers to the curb.
D Profile
D answered
If you can't surely aren't close enough...kick 'em to the curb...or put a tat on his forehead...the choice is yours.
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Anonymous answered
I know a few twins and i can tell most of them apart from a birth mark, but once you get really close them you can just tell who is who.
nandina tan Profile
nandina tan answered
Well, you could try by marking each other. Like, maybe one has longer hair than the other. Or you could look for differences.

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