How To Impress My Girlfriend Without Spending?


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Bill Shapiro Profile
Bill Shapiro answered
Very good question, especially during these tough economic times.
What i would do is arrange for you two to get together at either one's home. Since you still have to eat take out a little extra food and cook it for both of you. This will show her that you care enough to take the time and cook for her. After dinner, put on some romantic music and cuddle with her on the couch. If both of you agree, find a good romantic movie on TV and watch it as you sit there close together. This should impress her when she realizes that both of you can enjoy each other without having to go out and be entertained. Also, if you're watching the movie and a real romantic scene comes up, you might want to make a reference comparing that romance to yours. This should be when she sinks deeper into your arms. HAVE FUN MY FRIEND!
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corayma dzib answered
Just take her some were really romantic and special like a walk by the lake or park and have a little picnic
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Rochelle Hamlin answered
Be there for her and let her cry on your shoulder when its needed. Talker to her about everything, and make her feel special everyday<3

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