How To Impress My Girl Friend On Her Birth Day?


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First things first; buy her a nice present. Take notice of what she admires when you are out with her, and concentrate on any hints she might give you as to what she would like; jewellery, flowers, chocolates, perfume...these are all presents she is guaranteed to love. However, make sure that you ask her friends/mum/sister etc. What she likes and check with them on a particular perfume or chocs, as you could get the wrong thing and end up disappointing her. On the morning of her birthday, text her a sweet message and wish her a happy birthday, and make sure that you arrange to meet for dinner, either cook yourself, order in, or go out for a meal. To impress further, make sure you dress up, definitely compliment her on how she looks, possibly buy a red rose or something to give to her there, and be as nice as you can to her for her special day. Give her your present if you haven't already done so, and enjoy!!! Good luck and I hope she has a great day...:)
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Hand her the keys to her new car.

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Any specific kind? Would she be ok with this classic do you think?

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