How Can I Impress My Husband?


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Speak to him always in love tone (even you are anger) , don't show your face. First, morning once he woke up see to that all his needs has been fulfilled from coffee , his clothes been properly pressed, etc etc till he reaches office. Send his msg whether he reached the office on time, try to send love you msg , ask him whether he had his lunch by msg. Once he return back beofre that try to prepare some dish, after having a night supper ask him how was the day? Any problem in the office , in simple try to always care your spouse.
In short and crsip be as Mom in the morning, as a friend in the evening, and as a Wife only in night. Got it.

These are the ways I am following in my life
All the best,
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Soon I am getting married its arranged married I am nervous I don't know how to impress my husband plz give me some tips and my life become happy
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We love to each other but    he is SO buzy man   I want  to  improve  my relation .   I want  to take  time relation  but    I think he had an affair  with another woman
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If he loved you, you wouldn't need to impress him. He should like you for who you are
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We get marriage in 2008 but offen some misunderstanding is take place between me and my husband , I love my husband a lot but he can't understanding me, we are in join family, he is expecting me to were a impresive dress, but I can't what I want to do to impress my husband.
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Sara, you are saying he is living in India. So, your communication is through internet only. So, if you mail him, he will definitely see that one. You, a MAYA developer, use your creative thoughts and send him. Those ideas should be very rare. So, he will definitely impress on you.
Ofcourse, that impression is about your talent, but that impression lead to love. So, do this one.
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How can impress my husband ? We got married in Nov 23dr 2008 , but he couldn't make me feel as a husband ?? N how to impress him can you please tell me..
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It can be as easy as think to yourself, what would you like if you were reversed, then go ahead with your idea. The expression of love is a little harder, but just keep in mind at all times that communication is the most important part of any successful relationship.
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I don't think is really that hard if you think about it especially when you love the guy but the most important thing is communicating and also your career he should be impress with the fact that you have a good one but where I'm getting with this is that you probably impressed him already without you knowing it....hope this helps :-D
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Its just easy.....just speak with him calmly and ask him abt him daily....don't leave him one day....Ask abt him and his family.try to ask whether he study and keeps his health ,mind and everything ...
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If he does not love you then you to should not be together. Without love in a relationship the relationship is meaning less. Bu if he truly loves you then impressing him will be easy as 1, 2, 3. He will be impressed when you are just being you. But again without love in the relationship from both people there is nothing.
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Just be your natural self. I think you are a good human being but possibly having some weaknesses, try to weed them out.

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