Would This Bother You ?


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Yes it would bother me. Did she take off work just to socialize with her gf or was it for something important. But I will say that when my oldest daughter was in school, it was sometimes really difficult for me to get time off from work for all of her activities. I did not have a job then that made it easy to get time off. But I did the best I could. Talk to your mom and tell her how you feel. 
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andi XD
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Nothing important her gf said hey you should come visit me in arkansa and my mom was okay I'll take off work
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I'm sorry. Maybe your mom just needed a break. Moms do need breaks sometimes. But she really does need to make sure your Senior picture gets taken.
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Yes that would bother me, a persons kids should come first especially when senior pics can be so important to someone of your age.
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Senior pics are pretty important. The day off should have been used for that, not visiting. What was the excuse she gave?
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andi XD
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If I take a day off then I lose
$100 but then two day later she takes off to go see her gf
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Yes it would.I probably guess your upset with her.I mean she can always see her gf later or talk to her on the phone.That picture was important and your mom should have realized that.-Iamlegend

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