How can I make my chest attractive for my husband?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

  Hi, I would say that if you really have to entice your Husband into liking your chest, there is an underlying problem in the marriage itself and your chest is only an excuse. I have never ever known any women in 60  years that had to make any guy interested in their Breasts unless there was a problem with the guy or more so, a problem within the relationship. And without knowing you two and your relationship, I really cant tell you a way to get him interested in you. After all he married you for you and somethings no one can ever change in another so he gets what he sees and if hes that superficial that he isn't seeing the real you and loving you for it, then you married the wrong guy so in other words, he has to quit judging the book by its cover and I can tell you from many years of working with people, that there are millions of guys who would definitely be interested in your chest but will accept whats inside.  Happy Holidays

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Sean Baker answered

He married you, trust me he LOVES your boobs!! If you want to entice him, buy a nice bra and panties. If he's not paying enough attention to your breasts during sex, tell him! We're not mind readers, tell him what you like.

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