How I Make My Personality Attracted And Beautiful?


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BE yourself.If you try to modify your own chips upstairs,something wont be quite right.Jesus is always a good one to have living in you,and his light will shine making you attractive
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You have got it all wrong..... Personality has nothing to do with how you look.... One can look great but can have a poor personality.... And one can look bad and have a great personality....
It's clear from the way you posted your question that you don't really like yourself....  If you don't like yourself how do you expect others to love you ?  If you want others to love you start by really loving yourself...  Accept yourself as you are... Personality is a totally different story....  Personality is a matter of your inner values / qualities.
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Try to communicate with ppl around you. Try to create an impression on them and win their hearts by your smile.  Try to spread happiness around you and be freindly with your colleagues, this will definelty improve your personality and ppl will feel gr8 to be accompanied by you.
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Personality is the nature of a person, so its very hard to change. Maybe you can pretend during your interview, but I don't think you can change your personality easily. Besides, whats wrong with your personality?
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Before answering think in such a way what other's may understand to your words. If you practice doing this, It automatically improves your personality
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Hey, Be Relaxed and calm. Believe in yourself and do not care for others opinion.
Do what your mind says never act on any other's path. Try to be different from others. This will Make  you feel better and you will get success.

Best of Luck!!
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You have so many qualities. Personality is a minor thing. Qualities are the facts which speaks louder than words. Your thinking would make you feel beautiful. The real beauty is inner beauty which you already have.

Anyhow, for tips to make yourself beautiful, visit the following websites.
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Okay are you trying to say that your personality or character is "low key" in a sense and you would like to learn how you could attract more attention? Sometimes the quiet people are attractive because they arouse curiosity in others. Having all the qualities you have just makes getting to know you that much better! Maybe you're shy, try just smiling and looking away. It makes you more approachable. Or try initiating a simple conversation. Just try making sure that you or the people you are interested in talking to have something in common and then you'll have a very attractive personality!
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You love to be respected and cared. You love to receive other people attention. See, you have to develop yourself. I would suggest you to notice other person's with whom you are attracted, and from today start learning the good qualities they poses. One keen observation you would certainly find these qualities in them.
1. They have certain principle's/standards in life to which they are bound.
2. They have good general knowledge.
3. They start an interesting topic and make debate for fun just to gain other people's attention.
4. They will be charming. They will not be too reserved as you are.
5. They have positive attitude and you have negitive attitude towards life.
The moment you think you are less than others in any sense you are under "depression".
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Being nice and kind to others, responding to all situations in a positive way  no matter what happens to us it is how we choose to respond to what has happened to us . Think positive at all times show a smile even when it hurts to smile continue to find things to make you happy that way you will always carry a happy heart. Never think negative thoughts replace them with positive thoughts right away. Care about other peoples feelings. Think before you speak please.
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You should not showoff himself.when you want to attrack someone you should not speak with this person while when he use to look towards you,you should not look at him/her.just laugh with himself when someone want to see you and r he is looking towards you.hope this will be your;s answer
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You have to have apropriate attitude in different situation . Some times you should not  be humble . Remember . Just be yourself this is the best way to receive other people attention.
Wish you luk
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Just remove all of our doubts that you thinking about yourslf. Nothing req to do. You can see evrything will be going on twoards you. Bye
amir islamabad
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What do you mean 'like other girls'? What is wrong with your personality? If you know that you have faults in your personality, just change them. Your biggest fault in my opinion, is worrying about having an unattractive personality. The best way to become more outgoing (this is what I suspect you want to be, rather than shy and timid) is to stop thinking about yourself, and think about other people instead. When you are in conversation with them, ask them questions about themselves, listen to their answers and be sympathetic. That way you will gradually become less self-conscious, and will probably stop worrying so much about what others think of you.
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