What makes a person attractive? :) (I think personality..) You?


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At my age, any woman with bags of money and a pizza oven is very attractive to me.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I agree with you ! Without a good personality, a person is just that, a person. With a good personality, you are special and a great person with a real soul and kindness. That attracts me like no tomorrow ! Yes ! A good personality makes a person very attractive ! Good question !

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I'm drawn to guys that take care of themselves... You know my boyfriend, he has a blurtit (Tyson Evans -Yes Ty, I'm calling you out.. ) has a wonderful personality and he takes care of himself, most of the time... :) Just sharing...

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Roy Lovett
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Yeah, I'm fine, it's just.. Whatever. I don't care anymore.
Dakota  Mackenzie
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My boyfriend hasn't talked to me for a very long time.. He gets the same way Ty-Chan does when he's upset. Also he just graduated, hadn't applied for college last time I saw him and wanted a job. He has a lot to think about and hasn't been talking to anybody. I miss him too... I feel the same way you do, I don't care, it's just whatever :P I just want an explanation from him or a simple hello. It's been awhile.. And I'm worried too. I can't speak for my bf, but can say, Ty will come around :) Roy, I'm not giving you a choice, message me, we are going to talk. Okay? :)
Roy Lovett
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Im Asexual. I rarely ever look at someone and say that they are attractive. Im not attracted to people like that lol.

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Luke Reine
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I have a question, if you don't mind... What exactly is asexual? Sorry if that's rude ;-; Does that mean you don't have an attraction to... Anyone? :o Okay no... I'm sorry if that was rude if I'm wrong >.
Woof Woofy
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@ Luke lol. pretty much someone who lacks interest in sex, dating or relationships etc..
Woof Woofy
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i never picked up the interest.. during my teen years while other guys would sit around and talk about "sexy girls" etc. i just wanted to go out and shoot hoops or kick a soccer ball around.
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Sane Mori , The Boy Detective , answered

I'm drawn to people that I feel I can protect..... If they are a good person and deserve protection, I want no harm to come to them.

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