How To Impress My Mother-in-law Thats From India? I Want To Do Something Special For Her Since Im Going To Be Living With Her For Awhile.


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Give her flowers, it will improve her opinion of her.
listen to her when she speaks, and look at her when you listen.
speak kindly and respectfully of her son, but not too much about him.
talk about housekeeping ask her advice, children, etc. Show her her opinions matter to you.
go shopping with her for any small thing.
take her around town to show her things even if you take bus or taxi or walk.
do dishes and household things like cooking together.
ask her to teach you how to cook her sons favorite dishes.
if she seems upset at anything you say or do, find out why and correct your actions.
be a good daughter in law, she will be sure to love you.
god bless you and your family!
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This... Depends on a lot of details.

what group is she from within india? What is her native language? Can you learn to speak some of that?

are you indian as well, or are you western/european?

can you cook? If so, you might try to learn to cook some traditional indian food- maybe she'd enjoy teaching you.

if you can take her shopping, she might be impressed at your ability to find bargains, although this isn't likely.
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Well i am american and she is from punjab. I speak punjabi and alittle bit of hindi already i can cook indian food to.... So i dont know what to do for her because she already talks to me alot in her language so its not like i can surprise her and just start speaking in punjabi loool..... Anyways thanx alot for ur help maybe i will cook for her.

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