What Would My Mother's Sister's Daughter's Cousin's Father's Sister Be To Me?


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Steven King answered
Your mother's sister's daughter's cousin's father's sister would either be your aunt or your cousin. The only question is, is she your aunt/cousin by blood or marriage? 1. Your mother's sister would be your aunt. 2. Your mother's sister (your aunt) had a daughter which would be your cousin. 3. Your mother's sister's daughter (your cousin) has a cousin, which would still technically be your cousin by either blood or marriage depending on whose side of the family they're on. 4. Cousin #2's father would either be your cousin or your uncle (either blood or in-law). 5. Cousin #2's father's sister would be either your aunt or your cousin.
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Eleanor jones answered
It depends upon more clarification of your meaning of your cousins cousin, I e is that the paternal or maternal side.

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